Commuting By Bicycle

If you’re a novice cyclist starting to commute on your bike to work for the first time, it won’t be long before it seems as natural as driving. It’s that easy. This assumes that you are reasonably fit and live a manageable distance from work. These conditions are essential since the inexperienced rider does not support long commuting distances.

When you come to your work, you will see your colleagues full of energy and very happy after having ridden their bikes from their homes to work without the need to enter public transport, having to endure bad smells and other unpleasant things.



Safety first

If you already own a daily-use bike, you should only check it daily before going out to your daily routine. Be sure to check that there is air in the tires and that the brakes are in good condition, primarily if you have not driven recently. The best you can do is ask an expert for help or search for a tutorial on YouTube: essential bike maintenance is easy, even for beginners.

Your first ride on bike can be scary, but planning it before could help. A route planning app like Cycle Streets provides 3 options to choose from: the quietest route, the fastest route, or a balance of the two. Carry out practices when you do not have any pending activity, ideally not in the rush hour, you will already know what to expect, and you will be able to take route decisions more calmly. You can also consider a short trip at the beginning: you can ride part of the route on your bike, leave your bike at a station and then take a bus or train to your home or work.

When you are starting to ride a bike, it would be best to avoid busy roads as this will surely quench your desire to continue with the bikes. Therefore, it is essential to map out a good route to work that makes the most of the trails, keep in mind that ways made especially for bicycles are much quieter than roads. It is a good idea to first take an exploratory ride through them on a weekend so that you can adapt to the path. In doing so, remember that the fastest route to get to your home or work is generally the busiest. It will be well worth your while to add a kilometer or two to your itinerary if it minimizes your exposure to heavy traffic, and this could increase the time you’ll spend on your bike.

Tips for commuting

Begin with an achievable distance

If you live a few kilometers from your workplace, it makes sense that you have to travel both ways on your first day on your bike. Now, however, if you live far or many miles from your workplace, it may take more than 30 minutes to get there. In case your work is far from your house you can ask a friend for a ride and only have to go home on your bike. Ignore the criticism of others, just adapt the distances to your ability to ride the bicycle.

Wear a helmet

In case you are unlucky enough to experience an accident, probably you always want to protect your head and all the ideas within it. If you worry about your hairstyle after using the helmet, you can fix it with the help of any comb, safety first.

Consider cycling shorts

If your commute is longer than 25 minutes, surely you will be considerately more comfortable wearing cycling shorts. Cycling shorts decrease the burning sensation in your legs when you spend more than 30 minutes riding your bike, keep in mind to use them often in case you spend many minutes of the day riding your favorite bike.

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